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How to Sell Your House Fast

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5 Expert Tips on How to Sell Your House Fast To Cash Home Buyers

Questions Covered in This Article

There are several ways to sell a home, but when you want to sell your house fast in Harrisburg, PA, the best option is to sell to a local company that buys houses for cash. Fortunately, when you sell for cash, you can skip most of the normal home-selling steps.


You don’t have to worry about repairing your home, updating it, or staging it. Cash offers take your home as-is, so the process moves much faster. However, there are some smart things you can do to speed up the process even more. 


In this guide, we’re breaking down five expert tips to sell your home quickly. When you’re ready to sell your Pennsylvania home, First Choice Home Buyers is here for you. Let’s get started.

1. Understand Your Home’s Value First


To make sure you get a great cash offer on your home, do a little research into your home’s value first.


Keep in mind that cash offers provide convenience and efficiency. You won’t have to spend money on repairs or deal with a lengthy closing process. Because of this, you will get a discounted price for your home, but it should still be within the range that your home is worth.


A good way to estimate the value of your home is to compare it to similar homes on the market right now. For a more official price, you can hire an appraiser. Once you have a ballpark amount, you can accept a cash offer that works for you.

2. Disclose Any Safety Issues


While you don’t need to do any repairs on your home to sell it for cash, it is important to disclose any major issues. You can speed up the process by getting your home inspected and having your disclosure ready when we make an offer.


Disclosure laws vary by state. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, sellers must disclose the following:

  • Structural damage
  • Hazardous substances or environmental contaminants
  • Sewage problems
  • Termite infestations
  • Rot issues
  • Past remodels
  • Electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning damages
  • Deed restrictions


The more you know about your home, the easier it will be to disclose and keep the sale moving quickly.

3. Order a Title Report and Clear Your Title


For any type of Harrisburg home sale, including cash offers, the title needs to be cleared without problems for the sale to finalize. If there is anything that prevents your title from being cleared, the sale is halted until it’s taken care of.


The following can block title clearance:

  • Liens on the property
  • Outstanding alimony
  • Unpaid taxes
  • A second mortgage
  • Unpaid child support


The best way to avoid a slow-down is to handle any title issues before you begin the selling process. If you aren’t sure whether you have any of the problems listed above, you can request a preliminary title report from a title company. 


Once you have the report, you can clear any issues before you start the selling process.

4. Skip Home Repairs and Remodels


As we said, the beauty of selling your home for cash is that you can sell it as-is. When you go the conventional route, you have to spend time and money preparing your home for the competitive real estate market.


This can slow sellers down by months or more, depending on the repairs that need to be done. Plus, the real estate market is more high-maintenance than ever, so you also have to think about updating your home, staging it, and having professional photos taken before you can even list it.


If you want to sell your home quickly, skip the hassle and request a cash offer instead. Another perk is that you can move into your new home sooner when you request a cash offer and skip the time-consuming listing process.

list of cash offer benefits

5. Call First Choice Home Buyers, A Company That Buys Houses For Cash in Harrisburg, PA


Homeowners looking for a cash offer want speed, but they get slowed down while they are trying to decide on a buyer. Save yourself time and call a local home buying company in Harrisburg, like First Choice Home Buyers, right away.


At First Choice Home Buyers, our goal is to give you a great price for your home as-is and make the process smooth for you.


Whether you are facing foreclosure or simply need to move out quickly, we always provide win-win situations for our clients. We don’t let location, the age of your home, or its condition get in the way of making a respectable offer. 


Speed up the process by calling us now for a cash offer at 717-744-9113.

Benefits of Selling Your Home to Cash Home Buyers


Selling your home for cash is a great option for anyone facing foreclosure, an unexpected life event, or a mortgage that has become a burden you can’t bear. However, it’s also a great route for homeowners who simply want a quick and easy process so they can start their life in their next home sooner.


Whatever your situation is, we’re here to help at First Choice Home Buyers. Our goal is to give you an offer your home deserves, not to take advantage of your situation. 


The benefits of selling  to cash home buyers include:

  • You get a quick offer
  • The sale goes through quickly
  • Skip the repairs
  • No listing or real estate agent fees
  • Get out of an unfortunate situation
  • No unexpected hiccups cause the sale to fall through
  • No waiting on lending programs

You’re in good hands with First Choice Home Buyers.

get a cash offer

Get a Cash Offer From First Choice Home Buyers


Now that you know how the process works, you can get started with a cash offer. The best way to get started is to simply request a cash offer online. We’ll ask for a couple of details about your home, and then we will contact you with our offer.


Our experts will guide you through the whole process and answer any questions that come up. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience.


We serve Harrisburg, York, ( and York County), Hershey, Lancaster County, and the surrounding counties. Contact us to get a no-obligation cash offer, and we can buy your home fast.

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