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How to Find Cash Buyers for Your Home

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If life’s thrown you a curveball, you may unexpectedly need to sell your home, and fast! You may be going through a divorce, facing a job loss, or just watching your debt mount up month after month. Whatever challenges you’re facing, you’ve decided selling your house is the solution.


A great way to sell your house fast is to use a cash buyer. But how can you find cash buyers for your home? How can you find the one that will give you the best price?


Read on for our guide to how to find cash buyers for your home.

Become Your Own Real Estate Agent


If you want to sell your home for cash and are prepared to put in some serious work, then you can advertise it yourself.


This can work because cash buyers usually fall into two categories. There are house buying companies who buy houses for cash. These companies can be owned by real estate investors.


Then, there are local people who have funds from a house sale or inheritance and want to buy a property outright with cash.


Establishing a website and promoting it locally can be a great way to connect with these local cash buyers. They are more likely to look through local ads.


In this day and age, that means setting up a website and then promoting it. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it needs to include basic information about the property, such as the asking price.


You can state that you’re looking for a cash buyer and how they can contact you. You can use a simple form to allow them to submit their details for you to follow up.


Promote Your Website


But don’t forget the basics. Put up a for-sale signboard outside your house.


Put your number and your website on it in bold letters. Then prepare to show the house yourself and handle the negotiations.


Turn to SEO and social media to promote your website. Create an Instagram page with pictures and information. Consider using online ads services such as Google ads.


For very little investment, you can use a local classifieds service such as Craiglist or Facebook Marketplace. These are all great ways to bring your property to the attention of cash buyers for houses near me.


Make your intention clear: I’m looking to sell my house quickly for cash. This will help to eliminate time wasters who need to get financing in place.

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Time For Some Networking


Every schmoozer knows they need to be where their target audience is. Where can you find a group of motivated cash buyers? At a property auction!


Property auctions are great places for cash buyers to snap up bargain properties. Properties often end up in auctions because of foreclosures. Buyers have to pay a deposit of 5% – 10% on the day, so you know these people have the cash.


Take advantage of this opportunity to talk to these potential cash home buyers. Let them know about your property and that you’re looking for a cash buyer. Bring along some printed details to discreetly share with them. 

Local Real Estate Agents


You may not be looking to sell your property with a realtor, but they have a lot of connections in the local area. If you get on good terms with one, they may be willing to help you in a couple of ways.


Firstly, remember they can’t give out confidential information so don’t expect a list of names and phone numbers to contact. But, they may be willing to share your contact info with some of their clients.


Additionally, they may be able to point you in the direction of other properties that have sold for cash locally. This can allow you to target your marketing to the buyers of these properties.

Check Out Public Records


Access to records varies from county to county, but it may be possible to access information about property sales in your local area. The county typically records the lien from the loan when the property is purchased using financing.


If there’s no record of a lien, then that means the property was probably bought for cash. Cash buyers are often looking to flip properties or invest professionally. This gives you a group of cash buyers for houses that you can target

Use a Local Home-Buying Company

You might have been reading these suggestions thinking, that sounds like a lot of work! And you’re right.

If you’d like to save yourself a lot of hassle and find cash home buyers, then check out the professionals.

Choose a Trustworthy Company That Buys Houses for Cash


A word of caution though. At times, there has been cash for homes scams. You want to avoid these like the plague. 


What we’re talking about are totally professional home buying services that genuinely pay you cash for the title of your home. These services are upfront and will give you a guaranteed offer for your home. You then agree to a timescale and make the necessary legal arrangements for them to buy your home.


Check out their online reviews and customer testimonials. Don’t just look at their website. Check out independent review sites as well before choosing a company.

The Benefits of a Home Buying Company


The benefits of using a home buying company are many. They include:

  • Selling quickly, giving you access to the cash you need to clear debts or complete a divorce proceeding
  • Avoiding a bank foreclosing on your home
  • Converting an inherited property to cash fast
  • Buying your home in any condition


Ideally use a local home buying company. They know and understand the value of your property and the local area. 


First Choice Home Buyers is owned by real estate inventors who are local cash buyers in Harrisburg, PA. We will give you a more personalized service.

Finding Local Cash Home Buyers You Can Trust!


Finding cash home buyers certainly is the fastest way to sell a property. By following these suggestions, you could be on the fast track to realizing the value of your property in cash. The fastest and most reliable route though is to use a trusted home buying company.

Contact First Choice Home Buyers, Cash Home Buyers Near Harrisburg, PA


At First Choice Home Buyers, we have over 20 years of experience in buying homes for cash. We’re dedicated to crafting win-win situations, where both you and we are delighted with the deal. On average, we pay 15% more than the competition!


View our service areas, including Harrisburg, PA, York, PA, Lancaster, PA and more.


Contact us for more information on how we can help you sell your home today!

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