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Is It Hard to Sell a Vacant House?

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When it comes to selling a vacant house, there are a few things you need to understand. This guide will help you through the process.

Seventy-one days – the average time it takes from listing a house to closing on it when selling.

Now, that’s assuming the home’s in good condition and that people are buying homes.

What about a vacant house? Can you sell a vacant home that quickly?

Well, in this case, you might need to buckle up and prepare for some waiting. Selling a vacant home isn’t a simple task. In fact, many people face challenges when trying to sell a vacant property.

If you have a vacant house to sell, read this guide, as we’ll explain everything you need to know about your options.

Common Market Reasons People Own Vacant Homes


Why do people own vacant homes? Well, if you own one, it’s likely for one of the following reasons:




Suppose you bought or built a new home before selling your current one. Then, if you decide to move into the new one, you might leave your existing home uninhabited, resulting in having a vacant house. 




Some people own vacant homes from inheritances. For example, if a relative dies and leaves the home to you, you might not want to live in it. So instead, you’ll sell it to make some money.




There are also times when people vacate homes because the properties need too much work. If a house is unlivable, the homeowner might move out of it and repair it later. 

The Challenges of Selling a Vacant Home 


When it comes to selling a house, the conditions must be right for a buyer to make an offer and follow through with the purchase. Vacant homes for sale pose some challenges, though. Here are some of them:

Subject to Vandalism


A house with no inhabitants is a home that tends to attract vandalism. It doesn’t take long for criminals to know that a house is vacant. When they discover this, they might break into the property.

They can steal things from the home or damage it. If no one lives there, it might be days or weeks before anyone even learns of the break-in.

Potential for Critters 


Rodents and critters tend to inhabit places where they have freedom. When a house is empty, it has the potential for critters to take over the home. Critters can damage a house, leave droppings, and cause odors. 


Home Repair Issues 


Homes require maintenance. When you leave a home empty, it might encounter problems. For example, if a water pipe breaks, it can cause major water damage throughout the house. 

Buyers Can’t Picture It


One vital thing to know about selling a vacant home is the challenges home buyers face when viewing it. Many home buyers can’t picture living in a house when they see it empty. 

They can’t visualize a family living there and furniture in the rooms, and they have trouble evaluating the space in the house. 

The Challenges of Selling a Vacant Home

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Selling It


Some people choose to winterize homes they aren’t living in, but this is not the best idea if you want to know how to sell a house that is empty.


Here are a few home selling tips to consider that might improve your chances of selling it:

  • Keep the power on
  • Check the home often
  • Leave furniture in it
  • Hire a realtor
  • Complete repairs 

If you do these things, you might find a buyer faster. However, it’s still important to know that you could face some challenges trying to sell an empty home.

An Alternative Way to Sell a Vacant House


So, what options do you have? Well, you could use a realtor to sell the house the traditional way. There’s another option, though, selling it for cash.


Is selling a house for cash legitimate? Do people really pay cash for homes? The answer is yes.


Selling a house for cash is legit, and some companies specialize in paying cash for homes. As a seller, you can reap some benefits by choosing this route.


One benefit is a guaranteed sale. The buyer won’t back out of the deal when you accept the cash offer.


Secondly, cash buyers don’t ask for things. In other words, they won’t include contingencies in the contract that require you to fix things, update things, or change things. Instead, they specialize in as-is purchases. 


Another benefit is that you’ll sell it right away. After accepting the cash offer, you can expect to receive the cash from the sale within a few weeks. You won’t have to wait 71 days or longer. 

How selling a Home for Cash Works


What is the home selling process like when selling a house for cash? Here are the main steps you can expect when working with a cash buyer:

You Ask for an Offer

The process begins with you initiating it by requesting an offer. You can request an offer online or over the phone. 

They Provide the Offer

When the cash buyer receives your request, they’ll spend some time considering your home. Then, they’ll evaluate it and determine how much it’s worth to them. When they decide, they’ll give you a written offer. 

You Decide How to Respond

You’ll receive the offer and have a few days to decide how to respond. If you don’t like the amount, you have the right to reject the offer. If you’re content with the offer, you can approve it.

You Close on the Deal

Finally, you’ll close on the deal. At this time, you’ll receive the money from the sale, and the buyer will take possession of the house. 


Contact Us to Learn More About Cash Homes Sales


You might have a vacant house for a number of reasons, but now you probably understand the challenges you face with selling it. Selling your vacant home for cash is a great option to consider in this case. 

Are you ready to learn more about the process? 

If so, contact us at First Choice Home Buyers. We buy homes in Harrisburg, PA. We also purchase houses in Lancaster County, York County, and the surrounding areas. 

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