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Packing for a Move in Harrisburg, PA: 5 Great Tips

Packing for a move can be stressful, but there are several ways to make things easier. Check out this guide for our best tips.

In the past few years, most Americans moved locally, and about 15% moved to another state. While moving has been at record lows in recent years, it appears to be picking up again in the states.

With housing becoming more expensive, families are looking to cut costs and relocate, and moving can be an intensive project no matter where you go.

Lately, the South has been a popular moving choice for many Americans. And while Pennsylvania is lovely in its own ways, you may be thinking that it’s time for a change in scenery. There are plenty of wonderful locations to move to across the United States.

Moving involves many elements and requires detailed planning. And if you’re feeling stressed about your upcoming move, don’t worry. 

We have some moving tips to help. Keep reading our guide to learn five great tips for packing for a move in Harrisburg, PA.

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1. Purchase All Supplies You Need


Before you begin the process of moving, it’s a great idea to prep the supplies you need ahead of time. You don’t want to be running around town before your move—this will just add more stress onto your shoulders. Besides, too many extra trips wastes time.


Plan ahead by figuring out the supplies you’ll need for moving. These items can include a dolly, boxes, tape, containers, suitcases, and anything else you can think of. Having all of these items ready to go will ensure you’re prepared to start moving with ease.


Make a list of each item you need to purchase and tally the total cost. You’ll want to try and stay within your budget and keep shopping trips down to a minimum.


Also, you don’t always have to purchase these items from the store. Ask family or friends if they have extra boxes and containers that you can borrow. Purchasing new boxes is great, but it may cost hundreds of dollars that could stay in your pockets.

2. Keep Inventory of Your Valuables


A critical step for a household move is to create a packing checklist. This process will help ensure that your expensive valuables don’t get lost or left behind at your old house. It also ensures that the entire move stays well organized, timely, and less stressful.



You can make a packing checklist as simple or elaborate as you want. We recommend creating a list for each room (especially the bedrooms) to keep things easiest. You can also color-code rooms and use labels to keep valuables from getting mixed up.



Additionally, this process can help you identify items you no longer need. You may find items that you want to give away or throw out while you’re making the checklist. Also, include your family members when making a list to keep everyone on the same page.

3. Separate Family Belongings


If you try to move without separating items by person, it will be a nightmare trying to organize later on. Things will get lost and end up in all the wrong places. Instead, keep items separated according to who they belong to and communicate with each other.


Prepare a box or suitcase for each family member with everything they’ll need for the trip. Include items such as a toothbrush, extra clothes, and some toiletries. This is especially useful for long trips when staying at a hotel overnight. 


In each family member’s box, also include important personal items and information. These items can include social security, purses, wallets, phones, and sentimental items. If you’re taking a plane, make sure to follow all airport rules and regulations.

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4. Pack Room to Room


It’s a good idea to go room to room while you’re packing up the house. This will cut down the overwhelming thought of having to pack your entire house for the move. Packing room to room will also increase the overall organization of your move.


Start wherever you like, of course; just ensure that boxes are properly labeled and stay in the room they belong. You can label boxes “kitchen” or “bathroom,” including items that go with each room. For example, pack your silverware and dishes with the “kitchen” boxes.


Make sure to clearly label the boxes in accordance with each room. This will help you keep your belongings together and not get them mixed up. If you hire professional movers, clearly labeling your boxes will also ensure that the movers don’t mix them up.

5. Create Essential Boxes


It’s essential to pack boxes that you’ll need to open immediately. This saves you the trouble of sorting through a mountain of boxes to get to your essential items. You can label these boxes “open first” along with whatever contents are inside.


Essential “open first” items include your food, clothing, dishes, toiletries, paper towels, and electrical items. It’s up to you what you include because everyone has their own needs. Just make sure to include the basics, followed by additional items you’d like.

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Packing for a Move: Sell Your Home Today


These packing tips will help ensure that packing for a move goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll be able to efficiently prepare for your Harrisburg, PA, move without running into problems. We hope you enjoy your new home and a fresh start!


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