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Sell My House Quickly for Cash: 12 Things You Should Know

Are you looking to sell your house quickly for cash? In this detailed guide, you can read about some of the things you’ll need to know.

The housing market shifted in favor of sellers in the early years of the pandemic. Houses were selling for well over the asking price in a matter of hours, leaving homeowners eager to get their home on the market.


However, that seller’s market is starting to cool down. Housing prices are seeing a slight decline and houses are sitting on the market longer as buyers wait for rising mortgage rates to drop. 


In other words, if you’re thinking, “I want to sell my house quickly for cash,” the window has closed for you to do so on the traditional market. The good news is that you do have alternatives.


Ready to learn more about how to sell your house quickly for cash? Read on for 12 important things to know before you try.

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1. Not All Improvements Have a High ROI


When you Google things like how to sell my house, you’re going to see a lot of advice about renovating. Sure, some needed repairs can stop defects from hurting your property value, but are all home improvements worth the time and money?


The truth is that some of the most popular home upgrades, like bathroom and kitchen renovations, cost a lot more than they recover. In fact, almost no home renovation has a 100% ROI, which means that you might get a better offer on the traditional market, but you won’t recoup the full value of what you paid to spruce up the place. 


Plus, the biggest home improvements are going to take some serious time. When selling your house fast is the goal, it’s best to sell as-is. 

2. Cash Offers are Slowing Down


As we mentioned earlier, the real estate market was skewed heavily in the seller’s favor in 2020 and 2021. Not only was the supply low and the demand high, but many buyers were making competitive cash offers, rather than going the traditional route of taking out a mortgage. This turned up the heat for sellers who have always dreamed of selling their home for cash.


However, as we moved through 2022, things took a turn for the worse. That initial fervor started to die out and listings that may have flown off the market a year earlier weren’t getting much traction.


Now, if you’re looking for a cash offer, you may need to forget the traditional market and work with a home buying company like First Choice Home Buyers. We always pay in cash no matter the value of the property.

3. Time of Year Plays a Role


There are a lot of factors that can impact how fast your home sells on the traditional market. One of the biggest is what time of year you’re thinking of listing your home for sale.


While the real estate market shifts from quarter to quarter, one thing never changes: people buy houses in the late spring to late summer. Sure, there are buyers out there in the fall and winter, but they’re few and far between, which can lead to a stagnant listing.


First Choice Home Buyers doesn’t care what time of year you want to sell. We can always find interested buyers, which means that we’re always willing to buy your house fast.

Sell My House Quickly

4. Defects Make a Difference


Plenty of buyers may show interest in a fixer-upper when the price is right. However, some structural issues are too big for even the most ambitious buyers to take on.


In the state of Pennsylvania, you will face some disclosure obligations. For example, you’ll have to let buyers know if your property has:


  • been remodeled
  • been treated for pests 
  • sustained water, rot, or sewage problems
  • reasonably noticeable structural problems that you are aware of


You will also need to disclose the state of things like your electrical and plumbing systems as well as the state of any appliances that the buyer will inherit. As a rule of law, you can’t sell a home fast by neglecting to disclose defects.

5. You Can Sell Before a Foreclosure


Foreclosures are on the rise in the US this year as more and more families struggle to keep up with mortgage payments and tax liens. If you’ve missed the last several mortgage payments and you aren’t sure how you’re going to pay them off any time soon, it’s time to start thinking about selling your house fast.


While it’s best to sell before you get to the point of foreclosure, you have more time than you may think to make the sale. If you’re in pre-foreclosure, you can still sell your home up until the point that the house gets auctioned off at a Sheriff’s Sale. 


However, once that sale goes through, you only have two options. The first is to pay off everything you owe within six months of the sale. The second is to relinquish your property

6. You Can Sell Multi-Family Properties Fast


We’ve talked a lot about what to do when you’re wondering how to sell your house fast. Do these rules and considerations apply to single-family homes alone? The short answer is no.


When you work with First Choice Home Buyers, you can sell all kinds of properties for cash. This includes condos, townhouses, and apartment houses.


We know that selling a multi-family property comes with unique challenges, especially when you still have tenants. We also know that landlords can find themselves in tough situations and need to make a quick sale. That’s why we’re happy to buy all kinds of residential properties, helping landlords to navigate the legal considerations that come with them.


7. Emotion Slows Down the Sale


When you’re selling the home you’ve lived in for years or the home you’ve inherited from a loved one, it’s not always easy to separate feelings from facts. While the house may have intrinsic value for you, it may not have the cash value you were anticipating. 


If your goal is to sell your house fast for cash, there’s one thing you’ll need to come to terms with. Unless you get lucky, you’re not going to see a bidding war with above-value offers. It’s important to decide in advance what matters more to you, the speed of the sale or the value of the sale.


The good news is that at First Choice Home Buyers, we already offer up to 15% more on average than our competition. Our goal isn’t to low-ball you or get your house at a steal. Instead, we will appraise your property and determine its current resale value, offering a fair price in exchange.

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8. Real Estate Agents Take a Cut


Your first thought is, “I want to sell my house quickly for cash.” Your second thought may be to contact a real estate agent. When you’re used to the traditional real estate market, this instinct is understandable.


Real estate agents can speed up a home sale, although it’s never guaranteed. They do bring an expertise of the area, marketing skills, and a list of potential buyers and agents that may have interest in buying your house. While this partnership can facilitate a faster sale on the traditional real estate market, it also comes out a notable price that you’re going to have to pay.


Most real estate agents charge a commission rate of around 4-6%. While this may not sound like a lot on the surface, it could mean that you have to cough up thousands of dollars that you expected to land in your pocket.


At First Choice Home Buyers, we don’t charge commission despite having the same expertise as a real estate agent. We’re confident that our buyers will show interest in your property, and we won’t make you pay to find out if we’re right.

9. Your Land Has Value


Some homeowners and beneficiaries look at the state of their property and can’t imagine it selling. It may be filled to the brim with clutter or falling into a serious state of disarray. How can you sell a house that seems unlivable?


The good news is that even if your home has lost a lot of its original value, the land it was built on hasn’t. In fact, developers are having a harder time now than ever before finding land that they can develop for residential or commercial use. As a result, plots of land sometimes yield a higher value than the existing property.


Do you need to worry about tearing down your house before selling the property for land? Not with First Choice Home Buyers. We’ll buy all property as-is so that you don’t have to worry about renovations or demolitions.

10. Not Everyone Is Afraid of Complicated Legal Situations


Some homeowners are looking to sell their home fast because they’re ready for a change of pace. Perhaps they’re preparing for retirement and want to downsize or find themselves accepting a new job offer in a new city. Some homeowners looking to sell fast aren’t so lucky.


There are all sorts of complicated legal reasons that will make you want to sell your home fast for cash. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, unwanted inheritances, and divorce are some of the most common.


Some buyers are hesitant to purchase a home when it’s associated with a complicated legal issue. They may worry that the sale could fall through or that they’ll wind up involved in the middle of a sticky situation. At First Choice Home Buyers, we’ve helped homeowners in all sorts of tough spots by purchasing their homes without hesitation regardless of what might happen next. 

11. Requesting an Offer Isn’t Binding


You’re still pondering when to sell your house and how you can do it fast. You’re not sure if you want to work with a company like First Choice Home Buyers or give the traditional market a try. How can you be sure that you’ll like the offer we provide or if the traditional market couldn’t lead to a better purchasing price?


The good news is that when you request an offer from First Choice Home Buyers, you’re not bound to it. If you think you can get more on the traditional market, it’s always your prerogative to give it a shot. If you decide after listing that you’d rather partner with us, you can always come back and start our process over again.


We don’t bind our sellers to our offers because we know it’s a tough choice to make. There’s no harm in requesting the offer, even if you aren’t sure what your next steps are yet.

12. We’ll Sell Your House Quickly


We’ve talked about the many factors that can slow down a sale on the traditional market: the market forecast, the time of year, the state of your property, and more. Now, let’s talk about what we know for sure, which is that First Choice Home Buyers can sell your house fast, allowing you to walk away with cash in no time.


How fast are we talking? From the time you request an offer, we can close in as little as 48 hours. If that’s not fast, then we don’t know what is!

I’m Ready to Sell My House Quickly for Cash


If you’re thinking, “I’m ready to sell my house quickly for cash,” you’re in the right place. First Choice Home Buyers has a wide service area in Pennsylvania and we buy all sorts of residential properties as well as vacant land. Why wait any longer to sell your Pennsylvania home when you can sell it for cash in as little as 48 hours?


If you have any questions about our process or want to start a conversation about selling your house, contact us today. We look forward to chatting about the value of your property and how fast we can take it off of your hands.

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