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Selling a Home After a Divorce: What to Consider

Questions Covered in This Article

When you’re going through a divorce, your mind is burdened with plenty of questions. What’s the best way to handle custody? How can we handle the division of our assets? What can I do to make this entire process easier on my family?


Every divorce is different, but there’s one question that tends to be universal: what’s going to happen to the house?


You already have enough complicated questions to answer; the last thing you want to do is worry about your home. Selling a home after your divorce may be the best solution for you and your ex-spouse. 


If you’ve been searching for phrases like “sell or keep house after divorce” or “do you have to sell house in divorce,” you’re in luck. We’re experts in all things related to selling homes in southeastern PA. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Happens to the Home During a Divorce? 


Every divorce has unique circumstances that can affect what happens to the home. Overall, most property disputes during divorces can end in one of three ways. 

  1. One spouse may choose to buy out the other’s legal interest in the home, so they own it completely. This often involves having to renegotiate an entirely new mortgage, and it also locks one person out from getting any value in appreciation. 

  2. The custodial parent may keep and occupy the home for a set period of time, usually until the younger child turns 18 or graduates from college. Once that period ends, the home can be sold. This situation can be tricky and can leave one spouse on the hook for mortgage payments. 

  3. The third way is that the home is sold immediately. When this is done, both spouses can split up any equity and money generated from the sale. 

Why Selling a Home After Divorce is a Good Idea


Like we mentioned before, every divorce has its own circumstances that can affect the best outcome for people. It’s important to think about any judgments or agreements that were made before you decide to sell. If possible, you should talk to your ex-spouse about the best way to handle the house or their lawyer. 


Each scenario has its own benefits and drawbacks, but sometimes selling your home after your divorce is the best move for everyone involved. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider selling your home after your divorce.

It’s Faster Than You’d Think


Some people are reluctant to go through the home selling process because they think it’ll be too intense.  The thought of having to work with a realtor, get the house ready for staging, and negotiate are too much to bear. 


Selling a home for cash after a divorce is much quicker and simpler than most people think. Working with a home buying company completely cuts out the middle man and gets you right to the selling process. 


You don’t have to worry about making repairs to your home, finding a realtor, or having to even find buyers. You’ll get your home purchased quickly and can move on.

Cut out the Drama 


Ending a marriage takes a lot of time, money, and mental energy to handle. This can be true even if the divorce is more or less amicable.

Figuring out what to do with your home after going through the trauma of a divorce can be too much to handle. Sometimes it’s better for both spouses if the house is sold as quickly as possible. 

You don’t have to worry about spending more time arguing in court about who gets the home. There’s no need to bicker over matters like appreciating value or the right time to vacate. Selling the house as quickly as possible can save you and your ex-spouse a lot of grief.

Avoid Market Volatility 


In the past, real estate was generally expected to appreciate. The real estate market has always ebbed and flowed, but things are more unpredictable than ever.


Some couples may be tempted to hold on to their house to see if it grows in value over the years. It isn’t guaranteed that your home value will grow, and you may find yourself regretting not selling if the market doesn’t work out in your favor. 

Give Everyone a New Start 


Homes can come with a lot of memories. Some people may think that being able to keep their home after a divorce can be a comfort, but sometimes it can make moving on even more difficult. Sometimes even the smallest thing can remind you of your marriage, and that could be too much to handle during the healing process. 


Selling your home can give everyone a fresh start. The money from your sale can help give yourself and your ex money to buy a new home or start over in a completely new area. 


This can be ideal if you’ve been through a particularly costly divorce. Selling the house can give you both some much-needed funds. 

Negotiate Better 


Homes are usually the most valuable asset couples own, but it’s far from the only one. There could be vehicles, jewelry, and other beloved items that need to be split up. 


It isn’t unusual to feel attached to some things. You or your spouse may be unwilling to part with something you both feel like you deserve. Luckily, your home can be a powerful bargaining chip. You or your spouse may be more willing to part with certain possessions because you’re getting cash for your home.

A Better Way to Handle Your Home

Selling a home post-divorce can seem like a chore, but it may be the best option for everyone involved. Getting cash for your home can help you settle one of the most difficult parts of your divorce once and for all. 

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