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Are Companies that Buy Houses for Cash Legit?

Questions Covered in This Article

The real estate market continues to hit record highs. While buyers scramble to secure low-interest mortgages and find properties they can afford, sellers face their own challenges. 


For many, these challenges are inextricably tied up in the traditional real estate model. Increasingly, sellers are seeking to escape the limitations and burdens of that model by working with cash buyers


If you have a home to sell and you’re considering a cash offer from a local company that buys houses for cash, here’s what you need to know about them. 

They Can Buy Your House Fast – You Can Close in Days!


It’s no secret that selling a home on the traditional market can be a slow process. Even today, while the real estate industry is booming, houses can sit on the market for up to 11 days before selling.


On average, buyers then take around 45 days to work through the mortgage closing process. This means that sellers can expect to wait between two and three months to close on the sale of their home.


This timeline can drag out much longer if:

  • Buyers have trouble with their mortgage applications
  • Buyers and sellers negotiate over pricing or terms
  • Sellers need to make repairs before the purchase can go through
  • The first sale attempt falls through and sellers must start over 


Moreover, this two- to three-month selling period does not include any of the prep that must happen before the house goes on the market.


While this can be tedious for any seller, it can be a huge stumbling block for sellers dealing with other life situations at the same time. For instance, many couples choose to liquidate their home when seeking a divorce.


Waiting for a house to sell can delay progress on a divorce settlement. It can also complicate already tricky financial situations as:

  • Taxes and other property costs still need paying
  • Payment for work and repairs must be negotiated
  • Couples may need to delay other related steps such as closing shared bank accounts until these joint expenses end


In contrast to this time-consuming and frustrating process, companies that buy houses for cash, like First Choice Home Buyers, can close in a matter of days. With no mortgage lenders involved, we are able to make an offer and pay right away. This frees homeowners to move on with their other priorities without waiting or worrying.

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Skip Repairs When You Sell To Companies That Buy Houses for Cash


To sell to any buyer who needs a mortgage, homes must be in good condition. All lenders insist on inspections. Based on the results, they may then require sellers to complete structural or cosmetic work before the sale can go through.


Except in rare cases, mortgage lenders will not approve the purchases of homes in poor condition. This presents homeowners looking to sell on the traditional market with an ugly Catch-22.


To sell, they may have to make repairs. But the cost of basic building materials is skyrocketing. The costs of construction services are also on the rise and prices are not projected to drop any time soon.


This means that making the necessary repairs may cost homeowners more than a property is worth. To make matters worse, repairs take time. During that time, homeowners continue to shoulder costs like taxes and maintenance.

Selling for cash provides an invaluable alternative.


“Are companies that buy houses for cash legit?” Many homeowners wonder this when they first hear of the cash offer option. “Isn’t there a catch?”


While it can seem almost too good to be true, there is no catch. Homeowners can sell for cash with no repairs required. Most companies that buy houses for cash will buy your house as-is. 


Even better, some companies that buy houses for cash, such as First Choice Home Buyers offer additional convenient options.


For example, First Choice has a clean-out program where participating sellers do not need to:

  • Complete any repairs or stage the house prior to sale
  • Empty out the home before the sale
  • Clean the home before the sale


Homeowners can simply hand the entire property over to the buyer as-is, receive their cash, and move on.

You Can Sell for Cash From Anywhere


“I want to sell my house fast in Harrisburg PA,” we’ve heard many homeowners say. “But it’s so hard to do while living so far away!” 


If you own or are responsible for a property that you do not live near, you are not alone. Many homeowners find themselves in similar positions:

  • After moving on short notice for work or personal reasons
  • When they inherit a property
  • When they are ready to sell an investment property


“How can I sell a house from out of state?” homeowners in these situations have told us. “From so far away, it’s impossible to handle all the details.”


This is true, of course. Cleaning out, repairing, and listing a home is a tremendous amount of work even when you actively live in the home, so it’s extremely harder when you live away. 


When you must either travel to the property or hire someone else to handle these tasks for you:

  • It takes longer
  • It costs more
  • Mistakes, problems, and frustration become more common


What many sellers don’t realize is that selling a home to a company that buys houses for cash enables them to skip all of these hassles. Instead, they can close the sale in days from the comfort and convenience of wherever they are.


This holds true regardless of the location or condition of the property.

You Can Sell for Cash Even if You Don’t Have a Perfect Title


“I want to sell my house fast,” a homeowner said to us recently. “But there’s a tax lien on the title.” In a traditional sale, title liens can be a serious impediment to closing.


When you sell for cash, these and other title imperfections don’t have to be a problem. In fact, selling for cash often provides the income homeowners need to clear their financial slates and wash their hands of difficult properties once and for all.  


Don’t avoid seeking a cash offer over concerns about any aspect of your property. Cash buyers have the flexibility needed to purchase almost any home.

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Get a Free Cash Offer Today From First Choice


First Choice Home Buyers buy houses for cash in Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Hershey, and many more surrounding areas.


We accept properties in any condition and we close on sales fast. Contact us today for a free, fair, no-obligation cash offer and discover how easy selling your home can be.


We buy houses Harrisburg, York, (and York County), Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Adams County, Franklin County and the surrounding areas.


Contact us to get a no-obligation cash offer, and we can buy your home fast.

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