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Why You Should Sell Your House to a Cash Buyer in Pennsylvania

Should you sell your house for cash? That depends.


Some sellers can afford to spend all the time and money it takes to sell their house the traditional way. That is, they’re fine to wait around while numerous buyers view, inspect, and finally bid on their homes. These sellers can also endure lengthy bidding wars and even longer closing negotiations.


On the other hand, many sellers can’t afford to take this slow road. Nor can they afford to make improvements to increase their home value. This type of buyer needs their house sold now.


If you belong to this latter category, then yes, you should sell your house for cash. This way, you skip the drama, effort, and enormous time commitment of traditional home selling.


Want to learn more? For full details on the benefits of cash buying companies, read on.


11 Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash to a Cash Buying Company


1. The Selling Process Can Be Easier With Local Cash Buyers


Compared to traditional home sales, there are far fewer steps involved when selling your house to cash investors. For instance, there’s no reason to repair, improve, or even stage your home before selling it.


You don’t even have to list it. Just find and contact cash buyers in your area and compare price quotes. This also means you don’t need to hire a realtor or deal with home showings.


If you’re looking to work with a local cash buying company, you can contact First Choice Home Buyers. We buy homes in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas including Shipoke, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg. We also buy homes in York and Cumberland counties.


When you work with a local cash buying company in Pennsylvania, you can meet in-person, which can help you sell your house more quickly since you can get a better sense of how trustworthy the people you are speaking with are.


2. You Can Sell Your House Faster


Obviously, skipping all the home selling steps we just mentioned saves you a lot of time, too. This is an enormous benefit for those who need to sell their homes immediately.


For example, your home might be in danger of foreclosure. If you try to sell your home by listing it for sale, it might not close in time.


Even a short sale could take too long. But selling your home as-is to a cash buyer can take less than a week.


3. The Closing Process Can Be Less Complicated


Furthermore, once you finally get a buyer to enter into closing negotiations, the process still isn’t finished. You, the buyer, and your realtor must finalize these negotiations and come to an agreement. This can go on for an extra month.


But closing negotiations are much easier with cash buyers in Pennsylvania.


These buyers are professional real estate investors, not some indecisive, newlywed couple buying their first home. Thus, they already know what they want and are very familiar with the closing process.


They are willing to close as fast as you’d like it.


4. Cash Buyers Probably Won’t Back Out


For that same reason, cash buyers are not likely at all to back out once they enter closing negotiations. But it’s very common for other buyers to do so.


You see, most buyers who bid on a listed home are looking for a single home to live in. Such a buyer might bid on several homes but only choose one. As such, they often enter the closing process with one home and then change their mind when one of their other bids is accepted.


But cash buyers are usually looking to invest in several properties. Once they agree to buy yours, they have little reason to back out.


5. You Can Skip the Home Inspection Drama


Buyers who hope to live in your home will undoubtedly hire a home inspector to point out each and every flaw on your property. For many sellers, this step is very frustrating.


For instance, there may be certain issues discovered during the inspection that scare away your potential buyer. It’s even worse when this happens again and again and again.


Now, cash buyers might do a home inspection, too. But they aren’t usually turned off by any problems that need fixing. After all, that’s the entire reason they’re investing in your fixer-upper.


When you sell to a cash buyer in Pennsylvania, you don’t have to worry about repairing the home before you sell.


6. You Can’t Afford to Fix It Up


Furthermore, many sellers can’t afford to repair all the problems that keep turning buyers away. If that’s you, it’s best to sell to a cash buyer and let them deal with the repairs.


7. No Realtor Necessary


A realtor is helpful when listing and selling your house the traditional way. They can help you sell your home faster and/or for more money than you probably could on your own.


However, you don’t need a realtor when selling for cash. Cash home sales are already the fastest way to sell your home. And if you’re forced to sell your home as-is, there’s not much a realtor can do to maximize the sale price.


8. Sell Your House Without Additional Fees or Commissions


Besides, realtors come with fees. Even if they do help you increase the sale price, the excess will just end up going toward their fees, anyway.


By selling for cash, you can skip the realtor and their fees. You’re more likely to maximize your profits by selling this way.


9. You Need Cash Now


Another reason to sell to a cash buyer is that you’re in a financial crunch. If you’re finding it difficult to pay your mortgage, for instance, the bank might foreclose on your home soon, anyway. By selling to a cash buyer, you get the cash you need fast in the form of equity


10. You Inherited a House You Don’t Need


It’s very common for property to be passed to surviving loved ones when someone dies. Sometimes, though, the beneficiary doesn’t need the house and/or can’t afford to maintain it. In this situation, selling the property for cash is the easiest solution.


11. You Recently Divorced


Divorce can also cause property ownership difficulties. In many cases, the most helpful solution is to sell the house and split the money between both parties. Selling to a cash buyer gets this over with quickly and without adding any drama.



Ready to Sell Your House For Cash in Harrisburg, PA? Contact First Choice Home Buyers!


Now that you know the benefits of selling for cash, have you made your decision? If you live in Central Pennsylvania and you’ve decided that this home selling process is right for you, then let’s get started.


Use the button at the top of this page to Request a Cash Offer. You can sell your house to us within days, in any condition, no realtor required.


Learn more about how this works. Or, contact us with any questions you have.


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